Why Choose 2002 Carpets?

Why Choose 2002 Carpets?


After buying and installing carpets from suppliers around the world, we were always left wanting more. And we know that many others share this question - Where can I find a quality, affordable 2002 carpet?

We believe it's not only the price and quality of our carpets that set us apart from the rest – its our care and attention to detail that is un-matched. We've been extremely fussy so you don’t have to be, ultimately making for an easier, faster and neater install.

  • We sourced quality nylon weave materials to as closely as possible replicate multipiece 2002 factory and common colour options.
  • We have included a vinyl flap for the top part of the rear seat support. Simply folding the carpet over the top makes it almost impossible to reinstall the rear seat. The vinyl flap reduces the bulk and allows everything to fit nicely. 
  • Again a vinyl flap for the top of the front seat supports. Other kits simply have carpet either under the seat sliders or you just have to cut it and glue it up against it. It's simply too much bulk and makes it difficult to reinstall the front seats - especially with the early models that have the bolt on the front face of the seat rail. Frustration ensures when you try  to drive this bolt into the cage nut. The thin flap means a neater transition from carpet to the seat rail and easier seat installation.
  • The front kick panels are only bound on the visible edge. And a vinyl flap tucks behind the pinch weld on the door opening. Neat and easy.
  • We differentiate between manual and auto transmission cars. Why? The floor mat shape is different. A 'one size fits all' approach isn't good enough for us. Specific patterns allow for a better, neater fitment.
  • We make our own heel pad. Off the shelf pads may be cheaper and easier but ours are based on factory dimensions for a neater look and allow for variations between manual and auto transmission tunnels.
  • Our carpet has a smooth backing which allows for better adhesion.
  • We've sourced our own shipping boxes which means we do not have to fold and crease the carpet. It's all neatly rolled and arrives in much better condition. This includes international shipping.

It is these little details that make the installation process much easier. Local support in Australia, quality, price and fast turnaround means an extraordinary result.


BMW 2002 Interior Brindle

Photo credit: Radestilo